I am a passionate software developer and on this website, I share my knowledge about coding, patterns, continuous integration, etc. Due to its safety guarantees, the programming language Rust is on a good way to become a real game-changer in the field of system programming languages. Therefore, I offer my support in embedded and performance critical backend development as there safety has a very important role. In projects, I help you and your team by sharing my knowledge and through active support. I want to reduce security relevant bugs and hope by this we are able to help technologies like the internet of things, driving assistant systems or even autonomous cars to scale in a more secure and faster manner.


Energetic support

We use our expertise in software development to build your software solution. In broader projects we also contribute with a diverse set of backgrounds.


I share my knowledge in several courses, e.g. "Design patterns shaped for your software project" or "More Security: Transform C/C++ functionalities to Rust".


New-Work is culture! New work time and work place models, hybrid offices, afterwork events or special team building events are examples for New-Work concept that we can implement together.

Find & bind talents

Through my connections at Universities and thanks to my attendance at technical meetups. I may be able to connect you to new hires from my professional network. I mean those hires that fit your profiles!

Product Marketing

I share my passion for cool products/tools. Do I already use your product? Awesome, drop me a line. You have the right solution for developers / lectures. You shall tell me!

Lifelong learning

I share my knowledge in my blog, in lectures at Universities and also in video at YouTube and Twitch.

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